Dear comrades!

We are sorry about our late answer.
A participant of the Association - Iliya Kotov, lives in Bavaria nowadays.
He emigrated from Russia about one year and sixes months ago. Before he was
a member of Piter (Petersburg) anarchist group, he was the most active
participant in 1991-1994. Nowadays Iliya went from Nuremberg to Augsburg,
his address: 86154 Kaltenhoffer str. 40 - 1/3 Augsburg, Deutschland, tel.
(8-1049-821) 219-22-97
It is difficult to tell, can he real help activity of AFD nowadays,
especially remembering about his material difficulties connected with
immigration. However perhaps German comrades may be help to Iliya in his
looking for work. He is cabinetmaker, restorer of furniture and
Thanks for information about next AFD congress, which will take place in
April. It is a pity but it is very possible that nobody from Russia can
arrive. In this connection we treated as necessary sending our SALUTE to all
German comrades and wish them successful activity and fortune in struggle.
Short information about our present activity: now main directions of our
activity are anti-war movement (actions against Chechen-war take place in
Moscow, Piter (Petersburg) and others Russian towns) - and the second
direction is right defence movement: because FSB leads now an
"antiterrorist-operation" against the left-radical movement in Russia and
some of our comrades now are imprisoned... Now we are preparing for the
Mayday action.
Salute and Anarchy!

Council of the Anarchists League of Piter
╧95/138, 6.04.2000