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Another Czech class struggle anarchist framed! FSA-IWA militant MICHAL PATERA endangered by 25 years sentence


Friday, November 27th, group of at least five Czech neonazis physically attacked two FSA-IWA members in Prague club "Campton". The attackers are well known for their fascist conviction. Most of them belongs to the hard core of neonazi groupings in Prague and are highly skilled in Asian martial arts. Our comrades were attacked in the pub and taken by surprise by a group of neonazis, who arrived after they were informed by one of their sympathizers, that Michal was present there.


Comrade S.V. was knockouted after short fight and Michal Patera alone had to face concerted attack of five neonazis. After he received several hard strokes, he was injured and subsequently shocked, it had been clear, that this time neonazis want to physically eliminate him. He had been cornered and in desperate situation he used his legally owned automatic pistol. The most aggressive fascist was shot three times and the others withdrew for a moment. Michal quickly managed to find escape route, but was arrested shortly afterwards by the Police, alarmed by the owner of the pub.


Michal and several our comrades were already attacked by the same neonazi combat group six months ago. In that time they avoided confrontation only thanks to the fact, that they were not encircled.


After short Police investigation and consultation with special Antiextremist Political Police Department, Michal was accused of "attempted murder motivated by ideological conviction" (-8 to -219 of Penal law). Next morning he was sentenced by district judge to "preliminary custody", awaiting trial. The average time, spent in this "custody" before the beginning of trial is 1 year. Police interpreted the whole incident as "ideologically motivated" attempted murder, committed by well known "leftist extremist" against group of innocent ordinary "young men". Michal is therefore endangered by sentence of 25 years in hardest type of prison. No one of the attacking neonazis faces even some minor charges.


Just to illustrate the strength of Czech neonazi movement, in the same day, they organized one of their many meetings combined with festival of "white music". More than 10 neonazi musical groups and 300 fascists attended the gig near Pilsen. Assault Police troops did not intervene, although anti-Semitic and fascist slogans were publicly shouted and fascists were giving nazi salute, which is serious offense according to Czech penal law. One month before, there happened that for the first time since 1930s, fascist organization presented its candidates in municipal elections. Members of "Patriotic Front" get more than 1 % average vote, which means more than 50.000 people.


According to Police information, there are at least 30.000 organized neonazis and active supporters of fascist ideology in Czech republic, 3000 in Prague alone. Prague group of FSA-IWA has got 10 members. According to the official statistics of Ministry of Interior Affairs, more than one third of policemen are members or active sympathizers of neo-fascist, racist and extreme nationalist organizations. Sympathy, cooperation and often also direct complicity of numerous Police personnel with neonazis are well-known fact.


Michal Patera is one of the most active and dedicated Czech class struggle anarchists and active revolutionary antifascist. He has risked many times physical retaliation in direct actions against neonazis and in the defense of anarchist movement. He is editor of FSA newspaper "The Voice of Direct Action" and very active person on the field of international cooperation, especially with the Eastern countries.


Solidarity and support is urgently needed!


Financial resources of Czechoslovak anarchist movement are exhausted after campaign to support Vaclav Jez, anarchist militant, jailed after nearly the absolutely same type of incident since July 1997, which raised more than 70.000,- CZK (equiv. to 2300,- USD). Total costs of Vaclav's defense are by the way estimated to be higher than 130.000,- CZK (4300,- USD). It means almost 20 average monthly worker wages, which are ridiculously low in comparison with living costs and mostly are not enough to provide us with sufficient and decent living standard. We are not able to collect this sum again in such a short time.


It is absolutely indispensable for Michal Patera to have good defense lawyer, because the Police and capitalist (In) Justice are biased. Costs shall be approximately the same as in the case of Vaclav Jez. The pattern of both cases is absolutely the same. Neonazi combat group attacks the well-known anarchist and antifascist in order to physically eliminate him. Our comrades manage to save their lives only by the use of firearms and are subsequently jailed and framed.


We ask all revolutionary antifascists and anarchists all over the world to support our prisoned comrade. We, Czechoslovak class struggle anarchists and revolutionary antifascists, are under constant and terrible duress of growing and very aggressive neonazi movement. Direct cooperation and complicity of Police officers with neonazis is well known fact.


We are in desperate situation and we cannot manage the whole problem without efficient international solidarity. We received in fact absolutely no solidarity help from abroad in defending the Vaclav Jez, whose case was reported in many foreign anarchist newspapers including the Black Flag, Direkte Aktion etc. We cannot go on like this, because in this moment we have no resources.


FSA-IWA Prague group coordinates the Michal defense campaign.



* write letters of solidarity to Michal

* send letters of protest to your local Czech embassy (Demand release of Michal Patera (born 1976), arrested 27.11. in Prague and accused of -8/1 to - 219 from preliminary custody and subsequent dropping of charges, because he was brutally attacked for his antifascist and anarchist conviction and used his gun in the act of legitimate self-defense)

* organize protest pickets

* ORGANIZE BENEFIT GIGS AND COLLECTIONS TO RAISE MONEY FOR MICHAL DEFENSE FUND spread this information worldwide Michal's prison address:

Michal Patera (1976), PO BOX 5, 14057 Praha 4, Czech republic

FSA-IWA Prague contacts:

FSA Praha, PO BOX 5, 15006 Praha 56, Czech republic

Tel *42040)2-90006917 (FSA-IWA International secretary private number)


Tel *42040)602-224747 (hotline) - Tel: *42040)602-828361 (alternative hotline)

e-mail address for Michal's defense campaign: sam20uj@axpsu.fp.slu.cz


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Police often checks and confiscates our mail, so


please, use also the e-mail and phone contacts listed above.


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 Workers Solidarity Alliance - Libertarian Book Club

 Neither East Nor West -> //flag.blackened.net/agony

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