On March 30 about 50 anarchists and human rights  activists picketed the Federation Council (upper houses of the Russian parliament) demanding release of two anarchists, Maria Randina and Larisa Schiptsova, arrested on dubious charges of plotting an assassination of Krasnodar governor Kondratenko. The protestors were handing out leaflets, holding large posters against the police state, for the release of the arrested anarchists and chanting slogans "The state is the main extremist", "FSB (KGB) is child murderer", etc.


Although all the major media were notified by e-mail and fax about the picket and were presented with a detailed account of the case, not a single journalist showed up. The specialists of the society of the spectacle were busy with reporting on the Yugoslav matters and the address of the president to the parliament on March 30 (unfortunately, he addressed the MPs in a different building). The timing of the picket was probably bad, but the organizers preferred to have an uninterrupted action and thus had to comply with outrageous limitations imposed by the Moscow laws (appeals to hold a demo are to be presented to the city authorities 10 days in advance, they still have the right to refuse, change the place or put a limit on sound equipment - the later is what exactly happened in our case).


Kommersant, a leading Russian business daily, which refused to publish information on the case, has reported that Kondratenko believes that it was "certain (Zionist) circles" which were behind an attempt "to plant a bomb in (his) office". "What else but money could unite a Czech, an Adygeyan and a Russian from Siberia?" he s reported to have said (this is a reference to the 3 people first arrested in November last year - a Czech comrade was released and deported to Czech Republic, Maria is originally from Siberia, the main suspect, Gennady Nepshikuyev, who physically had the bomb and now reports to the investigators about the non-existing terrorist plot is from Adygeya, a republic bordering Krasnodar region).


Simultaneously, on March 30, there were pickets organized in Yekaterinburg and St.Petersburg (Russia) and Berlin. In Yekaterinburg the picket gathered about 30 people, in St.Petersburg it was smaller. In Berlin about 30 people showed up at the Russian embassy, but the Russian consulate workers refused to get a petition (so it was sent by fax). Various civil groups, for example, Youth ecological movement of Tatarstan, are sending their protests to the Krasnodar authorities.


Articles on the infamous Krasnodar case, biographies of the arrested, press-releases and other general information are posted to a special site at http://www.ecoline.ru/actions/bomba/. Most of the materials are in Russian, although there are English and German sections as well. The site also features photos of Maria and Larisa, as well as a few photos of the picket in Moscow on March 30.


You can send protests to:


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Krasnodar regional procurator


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